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Raja Petra ‘arrested under ISA’ September 12, 2008

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My Freedom Depends on Anwar and September 16 – RPK

Controversial blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin has been detained under the Internal Security Act, said his wife Marina Lee Abdullah.


According to her, Raja Petra was arrested when 10 police personnel who arrived at his home in Sungai Buloh at 1.10pm.

When Malaysiakini contacted her at 1.25pm, the police personnel were still there.

Marina said that Raja Petra has yet to appoint a lawyer to handle the matter.

This is the second time Raja Petra has been detained under ISA, which allows detention without trial.

His first arrest under the tough security law was in 2001, where he detained as part of a crackdown against reformasi activists in which nine others were also held.

Raja Petra was released about two months later. However, six of the reformasi leaders were eventually sent to the Kamunting Detention Centre in Taiping where they were detained for two years.- [ Malaysiakini ]

On 8 September, 2008, Raja Petra wrote the following:

“…. Today, I received many phone calls from concerned friends who told me that the government is considering detaining me under the Internal Security Act ‘very soon’.

If that does happen, then this could probably be the last article I write, at least until 16 September 2008. So I too need Anwar to succeed. If not I will be in Kamunting for quite some time to come and you will not hear from me over the next couple of years.

Yes, I too have placed, not only my money, but also my freedom on Anwar. And if Anwar fails to deliver his promise on 16 September 2008, not only he but I as well am headed for a fall. But I have confidence he will do it. And I have confidence that my stay in Kamunting will not be for two years but for a mere two weeks.

But if I am WRONG…..well, then see you maybe in six or seven years time, because for sure Najib Tun Razak will not release me in 2010 when he becomes Prime Minister. What he would do, instead, would be to rollover my two-year detention another two years, and another two years, and another two years, until I am too old to think and write anymore.

Till we meet again, if we do meet again, take care and keep the flame burning.

There is still a long fight ahead of us in bringing reforms to this beloved country of ours.

– Raja Petra Kamarudin

Sin Chew journalist arrested [ …more here ]


1. KongKor - September 12, 2008

Looks like the Minister of Home Affairs is all geared up for Ops Lallang II with the return of Dr.M to UMNO.

To all bloggers and Pakatan MPs and ADUN, be very careful with your statement and action. UMNO is desperate, with desperation, they will take desperate measures.

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